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Where did this Gourmet Treat come from?

Eileen Casha, Founder and Head Chef for Goali’s Gourmet Dog Chips was inspired to form the company based on her love, care and affection for her Dog Goali. Goali was a finicky little guy who was very particular about the things he ate. His grain free kibble would be routinely laces with fresh carrots, broccoli, string beans and fresh chicken.

As it was nearly impossible to find dog treats formulated without any preservatives or additives, Eileen took it upon herself to make her own and what she came up with to satisfy Goali’s desire for a great treat were her chips and thus Goali’s Gourmet Dog Chip was born.

Handmade in Eileen’s kitchen, Goali’s Gourmet Dog Chips are crunchy and taste great! The chips can be given individually or snapped into smaller pieces to be used in obedience or behavioral training! The Chicken used in Goali’s Gourmet Chicken Chips is human grade without antibiotics or hormones so if you’re looking for the perfect snack for your dog, give Goali’s Gourmet Dog Chips a try!

We ship all over the USA and guarantee only the very best ingredients. Feel free to chat to us directly. We’re happy to answer all your questions.